Collaboration in Professional Learning

Collaboration in Professional Learning: Inquiry Based Article Shares and Discussion Questions

Recently two requests came my way, one from the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario (AECEO) and another from a Facebook Group that I am involved in – Inquiry in FDK (full day kindergarten). When I was asked by the AECEO to write an article for the summer edition of the eceLINK newsletter I didn’t hesitate to say yes. As an early childhood educator, first and foremost, I am a strong supporter of my professional association and have never minded the time I have given this amazing organization in volunteer hours over the years. The second request came from the administrator of a Facebook group that I am a member of that is focused on inquiry in full day kindergarten ( I was asked to share an article and post questions to engage members in discussion.

The article that I am sharing is one that I co-wrote with an amazing early childhood educator, Sinead Rafferty on early learning in outdoor natural spaces. I am honoured to share the credit on this article with someone so passionate and knowledgeable about such an important topic. I am also honoured that the publication of the article appears in an edition entitled “IT IS NOT EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION WITHOUT THE EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATOR” because it sums up how I feel about my chosen profession. I am also thrilled that this publication of the eceLINK coincides with the launching of an amazing new website for the AECEO. Please take a few minutes to follow the link to see all that it has to offer.

AECEO cover

Our article is only one of many great pieces in this edition of the eceLINK, including:

  • AECEO Position Paper on Professional Learning for RECEs
  • Teaching on the Other Side of the World
  • AECEO Certification
  • Endeavours to Enhance the Lives of Children with Autism through Nature Based Learning
  • Early Childhood Leadership Program
  • Addressing ECE Student Needs

For a direct link to our article please see:

The questions for consideration are as follows:

  1. How do you see learning in outdoor, natural spaces, such as forests, as relevant to your practice?

  2. What are your concerns/trepidations about spending more time outdoors with children?

  3. In what ways can you see incorporating play and inquiry based learning outdoors?

  4. What do you think children can learn about the environment when they spend time outdoors in nature?

  5. What surprised you about what you have read in this article?

  6. Would you be interested in learning more about Forest School Canada’s practitioner’s course?


If you are a member of the inquiry Facebook group you can answer questions directly on Facebook. If you are not a member we have posted this blog onto our Facebook page (Technology Rich Inquiry Based) and encourage you to answer the questions there, if you would like









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