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My father was a scientist

My father was a scientist. He was a left-brain thinker. My mother is an artist, loves nature and sees the world aesthetically. The two worlds often collided but came together when as a family we were outside, hunting for rocks, on beaches, by streams and in quarries. I had wild ideas back then about being … Continue reading

Leaving Traces of Professional Learning through Social Media

Leaving Traces of Professional Learning through Social Media

What if early learning professionals considered social media as a form of making learning visible, for leaving traces? Heeding Malaguzzi advice that “teachers must leave behind an isolated, silent mode of working, which leaves no traces” (1998, p. 68), many have turned to social media to make learning visible through electronic documentation.  No longer isolated … Continue reading

An Introductory Course to Reggio Inspired Practice

Please join Diane and Louise this summer for an introduction to Reggio inspired practice. Participants will have the opportunity to learn with Reggio inspired teachers from Acorn School and to experience the beauty of Richland Academy. If you are interested in attending, please fill out the registration form (click on the link below) and return … Continue reading