A Tapestry of Learning

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Professional Learning Workshops. In collaboration with Cindy Green, a friend and colleague, I am pleased to offer a series of workshops that may be of interest to the early learning community. Cindy and I have spent many hours over many years talking about early learning curriculum and how best to package and deliver it for the most effective results. These workshops are still in the development stage but we are booking now for the fall and winter. Separately, we both deliver workshops across the province of Ontario and sometimes beyond. We are very excited to be working together in collaboration and to be able to offer you these workshops.

Engage in a Pedagogical Journey with Cindy Green and Dr. Diane Kashin

This series created for all early learning professionals focuses on the elements of art and the messages shared weave together a multitude of inspirations and experiences that Diane and Cindy hold deep in their hearts. When reflecting on how children learn we constantly challenge ourselves to think deeper about the influence that environments, materials and teacher engagement has on the child’s developing sense of self as a competent, curious and capable learner.

Session 1

Exploring the Texture of Paper: Making a Statement

Session 2

Thinking about Dots and Lines: The Magic of the Mark

Session 3

Playing with Dimension: Natural Clay, Homemade Dough and Ice

Session 4

Environmental Design: The Aesthetics of Places and Spaces



Explore with a multitude of loose parts and discover the benefits of these open ended materials when they are incorporated into your learning environments. We will explore the theory of loose parts (Simon Nicolson) as well as the theory of Messing About (Frances and David Hawkins) and look at both indoor and outdoor materials. Participants will be able to make connections to Ontario’s early learning pedagogy, How Does Learning Happen?. We will share ideas about how to begin, how to resource materials, as well as invitations and provocations to learning that are made possible with loose parts.


Over 100 years has passed since Maria Montessori developed the philosophy of education that bears her name. This system of education has endured, it is not a passing “fad”. How does her work align with the pedagogical approaches of the 21st century? In this workshop, early learning professionals working within Montessori programs can reflect upon Ontario’s early learning pedagogy and learn how alignment can be made in practice.

Maria Montessori on Interests

BOOK CLUB: Empowering Pedagogy for Early Childhood Education

This recently published textbook’s twelve chapters are designed to support early learning professionals on their journeys to developing a pedagogical approach that empowers the learners, the educators and the families in their programs. Diane and Cindy will work on site with educators interested in being part of a book club or we can offer this online.

Empowering Pedagogy Please contact Cindy at cindymgreenassociates@gmail.com or Diane at diane.kashin@gmail.com if you are interested.

Cindy and Diane will also customize workshops to meet a program’s specific needs.


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